Here's what students, past and present have had to say about their experience learning tango with Tango Lingua

"I really wanted you to know how good I think you are. Subject knowledge is easy to come by. Breaking it down into steps, and having the skill to communicate it is entirely another. I'm graded outstanding in all my lessons ( being a show off😈) but I'm sharing that because it means I get asked all the time to review teaching, and more importantly, the impact of progress in all sorts of lessons.Yours are great. Your 'drill Sargent' you referred to, for me, means a lesson where time isn't wasted and everyone improves. You're also gracious and kind and have a sense of humour which is fun."

[ Lynn ]

"Hi Joe, thanks so much for the super lesson. It really satisfied what I wanted to achieve. It was a real confidence booster to be able to dance with you as I did. That is what I like about your teaching me, you listen to what I say and what I want to achieve. Many thanks."

 [ Carol ]

"By the end of the five week course i fell in love with the dance. Joe is an amazing teacher and very patient, even with those with two left feet like me! Nikki "

[ Nikki ]

"The best private lesson I've ever had. Totally focused on what I needed. Thank you."

[ Peter ]

"Having never tried Tango before I was understandably nervous about what to expect, not having a partner and generally making a fool of myself on the dance floor.  As soon as I walked into the class for the first time my mind was set at rest with Joes friendly and approachable nature.  In just five weeks I feel I have learnt so much not only about the dance but myself also.  Will definatly be back for more.  Just one down full - it's addictive, so beware! :-)"

[ Joanne ]

"Having only had 1 salsa lesson before, and found it not really for me I looked around for something else and thats when I discovered the argintinan tango. I was very nervous at my 1st first lesson as I dident know what to expect, but Joe soon put me at ease. He has a lot of patience (he had to have with me! )and his teaching skills, combined with his sense of humor and his clear passion for tango made it a pleasure to be taught by him. He even came with me to my 1st milonga :~) I learnt so much in just 5 weeks, and I look forward to many a milonga in the years to come thanks to Joes teaching and continued encouragment."

[ Charlene ]

"We have been dancing for four years, and found the technique workshop in May inspiring and informative. We were dancing with mixed level dancers and we all came away with something useful due to Joe's unique and eloquent teaching style. We thoroughly recommend his workshops to anyone who loves Tango. Jeff and Sheila"

[ Jeff and Sheila ]

"Thanks for Friday. I really enjoyed myself and surprised myself too. I genuinely thought I'd be totally useless but maybe I can get basics this summer."

[ Christina ] (first ever tango, or dance lesson, 1-to-1)

"So glad you had an enjoyable night - I loved watching you perform and playing with you. The feedback about your dancing and the night as a whole has been overwhelming."

[ Matthew ] (Musician and director of the Deal Festival where I performed on the opening evening with Sophie Millner)

"Having attended many tango classes, this was my first experience of Tango Lingua and I particularly liked the start of the lesson which began with a series of pre-tango warm up exercises (something that is often overlooked in other classes I have attended). Joe's friendly teaching style clearly demonstrated his background as a Martial Artist in Jujitsu. Tango and the Martial Arts are based on natural movements, and the Martial Arts share with Tango the need to be completely aware of where and what the other person (the follower) is doing at all times. Joe was completely focussed on my tango movements, offering helpful and constructive instruction when I needed to adapt or correct a movement. If you have always wanted to learn the tango, Joe's warm passion for the dance, coupled with his affable teaching style and his abundant enthusiasm makes for a winning combination and I highly recommend trying one of his classes, sooner rather than later."

[ Emma ]

"I found Joe's lesson to be very helpful indeed. From the simple warm up techniques to much finer attention to detail, posture and connection. Can't wait for more. Karen "

[ Karen ]

"Excellent first private lesson. Thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Can't wait to learn more at Tango Lingua. I would definitely recommend learning here."

[ Matt & Sally ]

"One of the best tango lessons I've ever had."

[ Rachel ]

"Always very stimulating and enjoyable. I look forward to your lessons each week."

 [ Michael ]

"Thanks very much for yesterday. I was shattered when I got home last night! Anyway it was a really positive experience. The walking exercises I found really helpful. I was so pleased that you worked thru with me to try make the right hand giros work the way I had been taught."

[ Tony ]

"Today’s lesson in walking alone and together with a dance partner was fascinating, being a solid presence from the feet, feeling muscles still remembering, learning to wait and be in the moment, starting to learn awareness of another’s energy, about reflecting another’s energy equally to be able to move together – so much more to dancing than the steps! Thank you for your teaching."

[ Min ]

"The best ladies technique workshop I've ever been to." 

[ Sara ] (referring to a general workshop, in which some follower technique was covered)

"I can't believe that within this short period of time I have learnt so much! Now I know how to do crosses, corners and other things! :) I can imagine how much we can learn if we carry on practicing! :) Also I really enjoyed very informal and friendly atmosphere on the sessions! The fact that Joe does not just teach, but also tries to understand how we understand it to offer the solution the most suitable for us, is great! :) Liz appeared to be as well very nice and understanding teacher! It was always fun around her! Thanks a lot guys! And I hope to see you very soon again! "

[ Jana ]

"An excellent learning experience that has encouraged us to want to continue practicing to become more able and confident tango dancers. Would strongly recommend the 5 week beginner course at Tango Lingua to anyone interested in learning a new dancing skill. The course is well taught and easy to follow."

[ Alex ]

"Many thanks for a great lesson, you have a great approach to teaching. My learning was very internal, my husband Nigel also enjoyed the session and he has had a difficult time connecting with tango."

[ Julie ]