Terms and Conditions

This is about what happens when you can't make a lesson or course that you've booked, or if you're not satisfied with your experience, under what conditions course content and duration may change, and being sure you're in good health to dance. Please read this before you make a booking.


Beginner course bookings are non-refundable for cancellations, but can be deferred or conferred on request, or taken as credit towards private lessons.

Other prepaid courses and private lessons are subject to a 40% cancellation fee, to cover processing, admin, lost business and hall hire costs, up to 3 days before the booked date. If cancellations are made with less than 3 days until the booked date no refunds are offered.

If you miss a lesson from a multi-week course, and you give us notice, depending on the reason we may give you credit for that lesson so you can attend an additional lesson for free.

Satisfaction guarantee:

All pre-paid Tango Lingua courses come with a satisfaction guarantee, where a refund of the price you paid is offered, minus hall hire fees, if you are not happy with your experience. If that's the case, please let us know!

Change to advertised content or duration of course:

Sometimes, where a course has a small attendance, rather than cancelling it, it will be offered in a condensed form, where the same material is covered but over fewer weeks. If this happens you will be receiving the same content, and the same amount of total teacher time per person as the advertised course, simply over fewer weeks.

Occasionally, the delivered course or lesson content may change slightly from advertised, where this is deemed to better meet the needs of everyone in attendance. This is normally with the aim to deliver more than what was offered.

Your health:

While regular dance can certainly help keep you looking and feeling young, and even assist in restoring health as a form of regular exercise, some health conditions or injuries may mean dancing is a risk for you. While social tango dancing is generally not particularly strenuous as couple dances go, if you have any doubts about if you're well enough to learn and dance tango, please consult your doctor first and make sure you understand any risks involved according to their advice. By booking a lesson or course with Tango Lingua you take responsibility for your own health and fitness and deciding if a particular activity is suitable for you with regards to your health.