Tango Lessons

How to Learn Argentine Tango

Tango Lingua is currently offering: 

Private Argentine tango lessons for individuals, couples or small groups 

Special event tango workshops and team building tango experiences

Tango Lingua may again offer group classes, workshops and practicas in the future, where details will be on this page.

Private tango lessons

Lessons are 60 minutes (longer can be arranged on request)

Private lessons are about you learning in the way that's best for you. My teaching is tailored to your experience, skills and goals, whether you're a complete beginner or an advanced level dancer. I will draw on my 15 years of tango teaching experience to help you develop in your tango dancing. Beyond personalized teaching, private lessons offer a way to go in-depth with the technique that isn't always possible in a group lesson and to learn at your optimal pace.

Price: £45 for individuals or couples (including hall costs). You can use the paypal button below (which includes processing fee), or request bank details for direct payment.

You can also book blocks of private lessons to secure a weekly spot and save some money.

Tango lessons are held in Southampton. 

Please enquire for small group prices. 

For Argentine Tango wedding dance choreographies, a 10 lesson package is recommended for complete beginners, but please get in touch to discuss how I can best help for your special day.

Special Event and Team Building Tango Experiences

Tango is a unique dance in its scope for physical communication and connection. Through learning how to stay present with your partner and signaling your intent, request and understanding clearly, a beautiful dance can emerge. Two individuals can move as one, perhaps making different steps, but finding harmony through their strong connection. Trust and empathy go hand in hand with clarity of purpose and confidence to create the best dances. This is the magic of tango that keeps dancers coming back and a little taste of it might be just what your team or group needs to build stronger connections and to develop your business or community more effectively. 

To discuss how Tango Lingua can provide team building tango experiences for your company, community or organization please get in touch. 

Group tango classes

Learn Argentine Tango in a structured way with a beginner course or continue your learning with weekly group lessons.


Tango Practica

Meet to practice your tango. The focus is on practicing and exploring technique, rather than social dancing (which is what milongas are for). 


Tango Workshops

For keen tango dancers, focused learning on a particular topic within the dance, over the course of several hours. A great way to hone your skills in the areas your interested in.