Sexy leg wraps and ganchos

Technique Booster  - Sunday 30th June 2013

with Joe Hudson                                           

The subject of this Technique Booster workshop is leg wraps and ganchos - including guidance on posture and connection to make such movements easy, playful and expressive.

Leg wraps, one of the quintessential tango movements, along with ganchos, have an especially high 'satisfaction factor'. They just feel and look great, when danced with good technique and with the music. Because of that a lot of dancers want to use them, and often get frustrated when it doesn't feel or look as good as they'd hoped.

The aim of this workshop is to share some recipes for dancing a variety of leg wraps and ganchos with confidence and style. We'll look at specific movements you can use in your social dancing (whether you prefer 'salon style', 'nuevo' or just like to do your own thing) along with the principles at work behind them.

For the recent beginner and intermediate tango dancer, this will be a good foundation for leg wraps and ganchos, and for more advanced dancers there will be some more challenging and unusual variations for you to have fun with.

For a preview video of some of what you'll learn on the 30th, see:

Time: 1pm – 4:30pm, with practica afterwards.

The workshop will be split into halves with tea breaks and time for snacks. Please bring any food and drink you'd like to have. Biscuits and tea provided.

Venue: The Wool House, Bugle Street, Southampton, SO14 2AG (near Red Funnel Ferries)

Cost: £24 per person

Parking available on surrounding roads and nearby carparks.

Although welcome, it is not necessary to bring a partner to join the workshop.

It will be assumed that those who book are already confident and comfortable with walking in an embrace. Places are strictly limited to 16 participants.

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