Introduction to Aerial Technique in Tango

Technique Booster  - Sunday 17th Feb 2013

with Joe Hudson                                           

photo by Laura Beduz
With his enthusiasm for 'nuevo tango' and his background in Jiu Jitsu, Joe Hudson will be sharing some insights and methods for lifting and flying movements in tango.
The subject of this Technique Booster workshop is aerial technique - lifts and 'flying' movements - including guidance on posture and connection to make such movements as easy, safe and beautiful as possible.

Ever seen tango performers (or an adventurous couple at a milonga) do aerial movements and think 'I wish I could learn how to do that'? Well now you can.

Aerial technique workshops are pretty rare. One reason being that this
side of tango is normally considered very difficult and for experts only.

Of course while some movements do require considerable training, there are many 'flying steps' that are quite accessible for anyone with a reasonable foundation in the basics of tango who wants to try them - providing the key principles underlying the movements are clearly presented.

It is these key principles of lifting and being lifted safely, smoothly and easily that will be explored during the workshop, along with some specific movements for you to take away and try in your tango dancing.

Time: 1pm – 5:00pm 

The workshop will be split into halves with tea breaks and time for snacks. Please bring food and drink. Biscuits and tea provided.

Venue: StudioSo, Royal Mail House, Terminus Terrace, Southampton, SO14 3FD

Cost: £24 per person

Parking available on surrounding roads and nearby carparks. See and type in 'Terminus Terrace' to see options.

Although welcome, it is not necessary to bring a partner to join the workshop. We will be rotating partners.

It will be assumed that those who book are already confident and comfortable with walking in an embrace. Places are strictly limited to 12 participants.

While there will be a strong emphasis on safety, if you have any injuries which you think may affect you during this workshop involving lifting your partner or being lifted, please consult your doctor before booking.

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