Colgadas with changes of embrace

Technique Booster  - Saturday 10th Aug 2013

with Joe Hudson                                           

The subject of this Technique Booster workshop is colgadas (hanging movements) with changes of embrace - including guidance on posture and connection to make such movements easier, playful and expressive.

Colgadas are an especially beautiful and fluid movement in tango. However, they have a reputation for being difficult and scary. But they don't have to be! This workshop will show you how.

The workshop will start by revising basic colgada technique and then progress onto several variations, some more suited to milongas, others more for performances (or where you know you have lots of space). There will be variations for every skill level.

For the recent beginner and intermediate tango dancer, this will be a good intro and foundation for colgadas, and for more advanced dancers, or those already confident with colgadas, there will be some more challenging and unusual variations for you to have fun with.

Time: 2pm – 5:30pm

The workshop will be split into halves with tea breaks and time for snacks. Please bring any food and drink you'd like to have.

Venue: Exile Gym dance studio,
Unit 1, Redcar Street (above Sainsburys, Shirley High Street) SO15 5HL Southampton

Cost: £24 per person

Parking available

Although welcome, it is not necessary to bring a partner to join the workshop.

It will be assumed that those who book are already confident and comfortable with walking in an embrace. Places are strictly limited to 16 participants.

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