Adding dynamics to walking

Technique Booster  - Saturday 28th June 2014

with Joe Hudson                                           


This Technique Booster will explore some of the richness in walking in tango, by introducing different dynamics to the weight transfer of a step.

By playing with the pace at different points in a step, many interesting, musical and fun effects can be created, and all just with walking. 

Using these techniques you can express the character of the music in your walk, whether it's calm and soft, or more energetic and staccato.

If walking is treated as only a necessary way to connect 'the moves' and get around the floor, then 'just walking' becomes a chore or even an embarrassment. But treated with the same (if not more) attention to detail and creative possibilities as with any other part of the dance, and 'just walking' presents a world of connected and musical expression.

All tango dancers welcome who have done at least 3 months regular dancing.

Time: 12pm – 2:30pm

Venue: Exile Gym, dance studio, 
             Unit 1, Redcar Street
             Shirley, Southampton, SO15 5LL

Cost: £24 per person

Parking available 

Although welcome, it is not necessary to bring a partner to join the workshop.

Places are strictly limited to a maximum of 16 participants.

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