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Southampton 29th July

Technique booster  - Sunday 29th July

with Joe Hudson                                           

This workshop will focus on Nuevo tango (modern tango) movements and various interesting combinations of movement, timing and connection for you to enjoy in your tango. We will focus especially on secada chains and changing contact with the free leg, with technique for both leaders and followers. For less experienced dancers, simpler variations will be given.

An afternoon workshop gives you the chance to get technique into your body in a way that's not possible in regular evening classes. It's going to be a lot of fun and it's going to be recent beginner friendly! That means you don't need a lot of tango experience to benefit from this workshop. 

Does that mean if you've been dancing for a few years you won't get much from it? No. As with the previous Technique Booster workshop, the basic principles are presented in different patterns and movements, so more or less experienced dancers can choose the particular movement that they are happiest to make with their current skill level. The aim is that everyone who comes can enjoy it and be appropriately challenged.

Time: 1pm – 5:30pm (followed by a free 1 hour practica)

The workshop will be split into halves with tea breaks and time for food. Please bring food and drink. Biscuits and tea provided.

From 5:30 – 6:30pm there will be an open practica, giving you the chance to practice and refine what you've learnt.

Venue: Povey's Dance Centre, 159 Shirley Road, Southampton, SO15 3FG

Cost: £24 per person

Limited parking available at the venue, but plenty of space along nearby roads.

Although welcome, it is not necessary to bring a partner to join the workshop. We will be rotating partners.

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