10th Feb Tango workshop, London, with Liz Bayley & Joe Hudson

10th Feb Tango Magic London with Liz Bayley and Joe Hudson - photo credit: Mike Massaro www.mikemike.co.uk
Liz and Joe performing
These workshops are about discovering and deepening your experience of the magic within Argentine Tango, the essence of what makes it such a captivating dance. 

The fundamentals of tango will be (re)examined, in a clear and fun way - along with different themes. These fundamentals include the embrace, walking and body alignment for men and women. Through a series of simple games, exercises, steps and movements you will develop your ability to connect with a partner and share many moments of tango magic.

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Liz Bayley:
Liz Bayley
Joe Hudson:
Joe Hudson and Kat Gorner

This workshop has two paths
One path for complete beginners, totally new to tango or even dance in general. The other for those who are already dancing tango. Each group will get individual and specific attention aimed at giving everyone a highly productive and enjoyable learning experience. 

The theme for this workshop is barridas. What are they, and how to integrate them smoothly and playfully into the dance. Different variations will be given according to your experience level.

Time: 2pm – 5pm   Sunday 10th February

The workshop will be split into halves. Please bring a snack if you would like to eat. Soft drinks are available.

Private lessons: From 5pm - 6pm there is practice time and the opportunity to book a private lesson with Joe or Liz. This can be a 30 minute or 55 minute slot. Please email contact@tangolingua.com if you would like to arrange this.

   Dance studio in Sequinpark Fitness for women,
   240 Upper Street, 
   London, N1 1RU           map here 

The studio is 3 mins walk from Highbury & Islington tube station, central London.

Cost: £24 per person

Although it's fine to bring one, it is not necessary to bring a partner to join the workshop. Complete beginners, and both men and women welcome!

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