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Tango training and performance partner wanted

I'm currently looking for a skilled tango dancer to partner with me for tango training and performance.

Are you:
  • Already dancing both salon and nuevo style tango to a high level as a follower.
  • Experienced with performance and/or choreography.
  • Willing to commit serious time each week to training and developing mastery as a couple.
  • Creative, open minded and willing to collaborate as equals.
  • Athletically fit and energetic.
If so, please get in touch and lets see how we work together! 

Ideally you'll be within travelling distance of Southampton for at least 3 training sessions a week and travelling would be shared. 

While we enjoy exploring and refining our dance together, professional opportunities for performance and teaching will open up, which I'd like to pursue.

You can read about my experience and influences in tango here.

Joe Hudson