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Professional member of the Foundation for Community Dance

Joe Hudson

Joe dances a modern style of Tango, influenced by the many teachers he has studied the dance with, while travelling across Europe. Other influences include his background in the martial art of Jiu Jitsu and experience in the modern dance form of Contact Improvisation.

He has been invited to perform tango at many events, including special event performances at the Wellcome Collection in London, the opening night of the Deal Festival, Platform 33 in London, and the 2012 Olympic Tango event at the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. In his second tango related film role he starred in the short film 'Novela' by Hour Glass productions in 2012.

"I've not yet discovered a more beautiful and expressive way for two people to connect through dance as in tango. I started learning it in 2006 in Southampton, and very soon it became an important part of my life. In my dancing and teaching I like to play with and explore the boundaries of two simple yet far reaching principles: reflection, and water-like presence.

There are many teachers that have inspired me and helped my tango develop. Some of the teachers I've learnt with and who continue to inspire me include: Homer and Cristina, Paul and Paras, Jenny and Ricardo, Isolde Kanikani, Rebecca Smith, Eric Jorissen, Korey Ireland, Iwan and Isobel, Tara and Fernando, Tobias and Stephanie, Pablo Veron, Javier Cura and Mark Reyes. But perhaps my most elucidating moments have been found dancing in the milongas and practicas, searching with an open heart for those magical moments of shared creation and understanding. I will be forever grateful to the teachers of Tracies Latin Club in Southampton: Caz, who gave me my first lesson, Tracie Gooch, Steve and Debbie Morrall and Eduardo Bozzo. 

I enjoy both salon and nuevo styles and see them as two sides of the same coin. 
Tango is a rich language of movement. It is open ended and always evolving. The dance form of Contact Improvisation in particular has helped me see deeper into this potential for expression in tango." 

Teaching approach:
I believe people learn best when they are having fun, doing more than listening, not judging themselves or being judged, and sharing their experiences while they are learning. I aim to teach with these points in mind. 

My various long held physical interests complement my analytical way of thinking, leading to a finely tuned awareness of, and ability to clearly convey, how the body works to achieve different movement and connection within tango. This is something I know is of value to all my students, whatever their experience, but perhaps especially those who have a professionally trained dance background.

So while my approach is experiential and detail orientated, I enjoy tailoring the learning path to the needs, interests, unique body and particular learning style of each student. It is truly a pleasure to see and help create those moments of excitement and insight where someone overcomes challenges and comes to know tango better.


Joe Hudson - Argentine Tango - dancer, choreographer, teacher

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