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What it takes to get fit and toned

Yes, it's going to take some hard work

But the good news is:
It's the kind of work that can be a lot of fun!

In the end it's about what you want, and what you're ready to commit to.

The Tango Tone-Up dance workout sessions will definitely help you get fit and toned. But depending on your goals, there may be some other complementary steps to consider.

If you're really serious about getting in great shape, as well as having some fun in the process, then you may already know that being fit and healthy involves:
  • Eating a healthy, balanced diet
  • Resting sufficiently
  • Exercising regularly
  • Taking care of your emotional and mental nourishment
Regarding exercise, if you want to get slim and toned then you need to build up the frequency and intensity of exercise to a point that burns enough calories and stimulates your body to develop into the physique you desire. 

In principle it's pretty simple - and it doesn't need to take a huge amount of time either. Obviously it helps if you enjoy exercise. But if you don't (yet), you can achieve great results with regular, yet short (10-15 minutes), exercise sessions through the week. And for that, you may wish to incorporate the fun, energizing exercises and routines introduced in the Tango Tone-Up classes.

In fact, if you do get into the habit of regular exercise it's almost impossible not to enjoy it (providing you're being sensible and respecting your body). Our bodies are built to be worked hard and to sweat.

Exercise is necessary for good health, so it's natural that our bodies have mechanisms for rewarding us for maintaining them well (and I don't just mean looking good and feeling strong and energetic). What are those mechanisms you say?

Well, when we exercise with sufficient intensity our bodies release endorphins. These are hormones (including  adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine) which lead to a natural sense of well-being and sometimes euphoria. Not only does this make you feel wonderful, it also helps you keep running down that antelope, where otherwise you'd want to stop and rub your sore thighs, even if you were hungry. So our ancestors may have endorphins to thank for being able to catch enough food to survive, and eventually give rise to us.

But I digress. Exercise = free drugs - and natural and healthy ones too. So you can see why it's easy to learn to love exercise, with a bit of practice!

The Tango Tone-Up class allows you to build up the intensity at your own pace, to a point where you start getting the results you want. This can be as a part of a range of physically challenging activities you do in order to get and stay fit. Or it can be used on its own along with shorter sessions you do at home (which will be discussed in class).

If you're fairly new to exercise, or if you've gotten out of the habit, then the Tango Tone-Up class is a great, fun way to ease back in! Even if all the exercise you do is this class, if that's 60 minutes more than you were doing before, then you will definitely notice improvements!

And it really doesn't matter if you're currently feeling out of shape. The aim of the Tango Tone-Up class is to create a positive atmosphere, where everyone is too busy having fun to judge anyone else, or themselves.

Of course, for those already well on their way to getting and maintaining the fit and healthy body they want, Tango Tone-Up offers a fresh and effective challenge.

joe physique pose
Joe Hudson 2012
Finally on the point of exercise, if you have a serious health condition or injury and are concerned about which exercise program is best for you, you may wish to consult your doctor.

If you want to know more about diet, then I'm happy to talk about what works for me at the end of the class. In brief, reducing sugar and carbs, while increasing protein and fibre. Eat fresh, avoid highly processed foods. No surprises there really.. and there's really no substitute for educating yourself on what foods work well for you.

On the emotional and mental side of being healthy, different things will work for different people, but I wrote a book on relationships with some ideas you might find useful.