Tango Tone-Up

Fun, effective exercise, with a sexy tango twist

Based on movements from 
Argentine Tango

Helps you develop:
  • firm body tone
  • improved posture
  • better balance
  • general fitness
  • graceful movement
It's sensual, energetic and combines elements of aerobics and tango for those who want to get fit and toned, while doing something a bit more interesting and stylish than jogging on the treadmill. 

If that sounds like you,
then try Tango Tone-Up!
Come and give it a go for free! 
Normal class price just £5.

Classes start from: 20th November 
Tuesday evenings 8:30-9:30pm

Royal Mail House,
Terminus Terrace,
SO14 3FD
map   free parking available
What you can expect from a Tango Tone-Up class:

Classes are suitable for complete beginners with no dance experience. The classes are designed to deliver positive results whatever your current fitness level. You don't already need to be physically fit for this class.

Whether you want to get slim, thin, toned or just generally more fit and healthy, this class will help.

In more detail, each class consists of a warm-up, then a series of movements which work cardio, core, balance, posture and which will improve general muscle tone and fitness through dancing. 

Each movement is introduced clearly to help you get the full benefits from it, and then combined with others to slowly build up a routine you could impress your friends with on the dance floor!

Both men and women are welcome. Of course you can take it at your own pace, but if you do the easy to follow routines, expect to get a good sweat on! This is how you will see and feel your progress.

Classes are organized into 4 week blocks which cover the basic movements. If you like your free taster session you can book your first block to really start seeing the results you're looking for!

Right now you can pre-book your first block for an additional 20% saving - just £16 for 4 Tango Tone-Up sessions! This offer is only available before 20th November (and yes you still get the first session for free).

Pre-book your first block of 4 sessions now for a huge 20% saving:

During the 4 week 20% off period, if you don't want to continue you can simply cancel your subscription.

For classes please bring comfortable clothing you can move easily in and flat shoes you can turn easily in, then get ready for some serious tango tone up fun! 

If you want more info on this brand new 'tangorobics' class, please use the contact form.

Get toned the fun and sexy way!
toned torsos
Inspired by Argentine Tango 
sexy dramatic tango dancing
Aerobics, but not as you know!

About the instructor:

Joe Hudson is a professional tango dance teacher and dancer, who is also passionate about fitness. Formally an instructor in Jiu Jitsu, in which he gained a Sports Coach UK level III qualification, he now runs the Tango Lingua school of tango, and is very excited to be starting the Tango Tone-Up classes which combine his passions for tango and fitness.

Joe Hudson
Joe Hudson 2012
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