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Tango Dance Class Subscriptions

Now you have the opportunity to pay in advance for regular weekly or twice weekly lessons and save lots of money!

Here's how it works:

Once you click on the button for the subscription you want and complete the quick and easy Paypal process you'll get instant confirmation of your subscription. (If you want to subscribe for someone else as a gift, just leave a message to that effect.)

Isle of Wight subscriptions 

Subscriptions are billed every 4 weeks.

Your subscription gets you an over 15% discount on the normal full evening price. Just £10 per evening (class, refreshments/snacks, social dancing), unbeatable value! 

Southampton subscriptions - No Longer available to new students.

Subscriptions are billed every 8 weeks. 

The standard subscription saves you 12.5% on lessons - effectively you get a free lesson every 8 weeks. It entitles you to 1 group lesson a week. You can still come to more (and are encouraged to do so) but you'd need to pay for those separately.

The fast-track subscription saves you at least 25% off the normal class price, entitles you to attend all lessons during the week (up to 3), plus it gives you a 10% discount on Tango Lingua workshops!

If you're a university or college student (or unemployed) you save even more - almost 50% off with the fast-track!

Saver subscription - £56 every 8 weeks. Save 12.5%. Entitles you to one lesson a week. You pay the equivalent of just £7 per lesson, instead of the normal £8.

Fast track saver subscription - £96 every 8 weeks. Get admission to all lessons, save at least 25% - equivalent to just £6 per lesson - plus 10% off workshops. (Recommended for those who have already done a beginner course.)

Saver subscription for students - £36 every 8 weeks. As for Saver subscription, but for full time students or unwaged.

Fast track saver subscription for students - £68 every 8 weeks. As for Fast track saver subscription, but for full time students or unwaged. You pay the equivalent of only £4.25 per lesson!

Looking for private lesson subscriptions? See here.