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Private tango lessons -- for individuals, couples or small groups

learn argentine tango in Southampton - private lessons

Do you want to learn
the unique and magical dance of  Argentine tango, to experience the flow, elegance, playful creativity and passion of it?

- Private lessons offer the quickest, most direct way -

With a private lesson the focus is entirely on your learning needs and goals - whether you're starting from scratch, are looking to brush up in a few areas, or want a comprehensive program to develop your tango dancing.

With a skilled teacher and that personal attention to detail and your specific way of learning, you can be sure they'll bring out the best in you, whatever your tango objectives.

But isn't it very expensive? If you're serious about developing your tango skills, or wish to learn in the most time efficient way, private lessons are actually a very cost effective approach. This is because they help to maximize the rate and
depth of your learning. 

Your tango lesson can be 1-to-1 or you can bring a dance partner. Private small group tango lessons and workshops in Southampton, or other locations for larger bookings, can also be provided on request and are priced according to size.

The costs for individual and couple private lessons are:
  60 minutes    £40
  90 minutes    £60
120 minutes    £75

Times and days can be arranged to suit you. 

For small groups of 4-8 people, not including hire costs:

  90 minutes    £70
120 minutes    £90

Here are some testimonials and reviews of private lessons with Tango Lingua
All private lessons are currently with Joe Hudson, unless otherwise advertised. 

It should also be said that while they will get you where you want to be sooner rather than later, private lessons are not a substitute for regular practice and social tango dancing. Solo and partner practice will help you get the most out of your lesson time, whether your interest is more social dancing, or performance and choreography.

For inquiries and to arrange times, please use the contact page or email contact@tangolingua.com

How often should you have a private lesson? It depends on what your goals are. For a few technique pointers or a couple of new moves, once in a while is fine. If you want to get deeper into the dance as quickly as possible, then once a week is a recommended minimum. In this case, just as if you were learning a foreign language or a musical instrument, to maximize your value, practising several times a week between lessons is suggested.

For payment, please use the Paypal buttons below. You can also use the buttons below to purchase private lessons as a gift for friends, family or loved ones. For a first booking pre-payment is required. For regular students cash payments are possible.

Large discounts are available if you're ready to commit to regular focused learning with a private lesson subscription. You are billed weekly according to your selected weekly lesson time. If you opt for a 120 minute weekly plan, you can also choose to take this in the form of 2 60 minute lessons per week, at no extra cost. If you need to miss a week you are able to take an additional lesson the next or previous week, or count the value against other Tango Lingua bookings. 

Before booking a subscription, be sure to get in touch first to check there is a regular time(s) available that suits you.

The above prices are for lessons held in Southampton, or when taken alongside a workshop in other locations, unless otherwise stated. If you'd like me to travel to you, please use the contact form to make arrangements.

Interested in other forms or exchange for tango lessons, including skills swaps? Please get in touch to discuss possibilities. Student discounts also available.