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Naked tango lessons - starting April 14th [APRIL FOOLS 2013]

naked tango lessons
Come and enjoy tango in all its bare glory.

These unique lessons will focus on connection and finding a natural rhythm.

There is no more direct way to deepen your appreciation of this sensual dance, than to experience it sans-clothes.

Close embrace optional, singles and first-time naked dancers welcome.

All participants are expected to have good floor craft.

To be notified of the location for these special naked tango sessions please use the contact form to express your interest. Your details will be treated with confidentiality.

(so, yes, it was an April 1st hoax (sorry to all those who are now sorely disappointed). The general enthusiasm and open-mindedness from those who have commented on and shared the poster has brought me many smiles today; so who knows, one day it might be fun to actually do, in the UK.. ;) )