Practice tango

dancers practising argentine tango

For private Argentine tango lessons and packages in Southampton, see Learn Tango.


Why come to a practica, why not just practice in the milongas? It's true, you learn a lot in the social dances (milongas) and the experience is invaluable. However, a practica offers an environment more specifically focused on learning. It's easier to explore new ideas and repeat a difficult movement many times, building up speed, smoothness and confidence, trying different ways to make it work and keep the connection. Milongas, where we try to keep the flow of the dance and not to obstruct other couples, are not suitable for that kind of learning. 

Group lessons are generally an introduction to ideas, or a revision with limited opportunity to get a specific movement into your body. And while private lessons are more focused and intensive, they are greatly enhanced by regular solo and pair practice. It's only through many, many repetitions that the subtleties of balance, connection and movement can be ingrained. Thus, practicas are a valuable tool to anyone who really wants to progress their tango.

The first regular dedicated tango practica in Southampton began in 2008 at Povey's dance centre, with a small group of tango addicts (including Joe Hudson), all of which have now gone on you teach tango, perform or run milongas.

The Monday practica continues now at the Hut, and is open to everyone, no need to bring a partner. Space is limited though, so please txt or call to confirm you're coming. 8:30-11pm, with 20-30 mins optional technique review at the beginning, and opportunity to ask for feedback and tips throughout the session. £5 each.


Tango Lingua currently focuses on teaching, running special workshops and catering for special events. In and around the Southampton tango scene there are many places to spend the whole evening social Argentine tango dancing, including: based in Bramshaw, the New Forest, several milongas on most weeks 'mini milongas' on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, in Southampton milongas in West Totton and Winchester monthly milongas based in Burley, the New Forest fortnightly milongas on Thursdays in Bursledon, Southampton

More ways to practice

Aside from dancing in the supermarket and on the kitchen floor, how else can you practice tango? Immersion is the key to rapid and deep learning. That's what you get from tango festivals, where you can do little but dance tango for days on end. Nothing really compares to it. Here are some (of many) places you may wish to check out:

Tango Mango

El Corte

Taboe Tango Camp


For shorter stints, many tango groups offer weekend events.