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So, you made it through the beginner course. Congratulations!
Hopefully any of the fears or confusions you started with have begun to give way to understanding or inspiration and you've enjoyed your short introduction to the world of tango. What now? This is the bit where I talk about journeys.

Yes, tango is a journey and - to work the well used analogy a little more - one with its fair share of challenges and diversions, along with its many wonders, joys and inspirations. Journeys take time, and that's what you'll have to give yourself if you want to continue getting deeper into and more out of tango. Patience in learning tango is as useful as in dancing it. With patience, the journey - and where you end up - will be much more fun!

So, if you've caught a glimpse of the magic in this dance, welcome to the club! Now it's time to practice, practice, practice. If you're keen to learn tango, think of it like learning a musical instrument or another language; a lesson or practice once a week will move you forward, but a few times a week (or more) will get you a lot further, faster. So please try not to get frustrated or put pressure on yourself to learn at a rate faster than your amount of practice allows. Enjoy the process, however you approach it.

Also, don't worry about 'the moves'. While the various steps can be a lot of fun, the longer you dance the more you will appreciate the endless beauty of simply walking with someone, connected in the embrace and through the music. Without a shadow of a doubt, some of the finest, most memorable dances you will have will be essentially just walking in this way.

On to practicalities, you should be getting information about the next course soon, if you don't already have it. There will also be drop in classes you can attend. You may want to consider some private lessons too, to really boost your learning. If you have any questions or comments about what you've learnt so far, or anything else tango related, just send me an email.

When it comes to going out and practicing in social dances, the earlier you start, the faster you'll learn. Yes, it might be scary at first, but try to relax; it's just a dance after all. For more thoughts on getting out and dancing in the milongas see:

In the meantime, while you practice with your partner, or solo, in a dance hall, in your kitchen, or in the supermarket, remember the foundations of good tango. The simple practice of good balance and posture while standing and walking, together with giving yourself and your partner time to lead or follow, underpin anything that looks and feels good in tango. Start simply with those principles and you'll be grateful that you did in years to come.

Finally, if you enjoyed the course, please let your friends and colleagues know about it, thank you.

In any case, please spare a moment to leave your feedback below, it's much appreciated!

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