Register and Further Info

Where and when is it happening, and how much does it cost?

The event will be hosted by Tango Lingua in Southampton, at the Povey's Dance Centre. It will run from midday until the evening, or whenever people have had enough. If folks are up for it, we'll head on to a milonga afterwards!

As for when, it will be held on Saturday 26th May. Please use the form below to indicate that you'd like to take part!

An attendance fee is requested purely to cover costs of hall hire and refreshments. A nominal fee of £10-12 (depending on how many people take part) should suffice.

Questions offered as a guide to preparing a contribution

If you're wondering what ideas or movements you might bring to share, here are some questions that might help you find something.

  • What concepts for understanding and dancing tango do your students find most helpful, and how does the way you present them help your students get the most from those concepts?
  • What are some of the most common sticking points you see in your students, yourself, or others, and what specific changes to practice or dance have you made or suggested to overcome them, which seem to have made a big difference?
  • What approaches do you use to engage students in class and keep them enthused with the learning process?
  • What are some of your favorite practice routines or practice games that make a real difference to your dancing or your student's?
  • What unusual movements, or unusual combinations of common movements, do you enjoy dancing which seem to work really well?
  • What interesting use of timing or dynamics do you really like to play with in the dance?

If you have something (or several things) you'd like to share, but aren't sure how to present it, think about these 3 steps: 1. show and/or describe what it is. 2. say why, how and where you think it's useful, cool, or interesting. 3. teach the other teachers how to use or do it.

Ideally whatever you're sharing should be sharable within 5-10 minutes (plus a few minutes to answer any further questions). Everyone should have the chance to have at least two 5-10 minute slots during the day.

What would you like to learn or get feedback on from others?

In addition to bringing ideas to share for teaching or dancing, attendees are also encouraged to bring questions or sticking points of their own, which they'd like to put to the group and get some constructive feedback on. It's one thing to go to your own maestro(s) and reveal where you struggle, but another to reveal it to your peers, or even those you may not normally consider peers. But by doing so, you take advantage of the opportunity to get a variety of constructively intended perspectives that may help you move forward.

Register your interest (please use the form's scroll bar to see all questions and submit). Note that the date is now fixed for the 26th May: