Tango Teachers Symposium  A day of sharing, learning and experimentation

Are you a tango teacher who is brave enough to share, build on, and possibly re-examine, your knowledge in the company of other teachers?

Event dates: (2012)
26th May

11th August

24/25th Nov

Would you like to play with and develop new ideas for dancing as well as teaching tango?

Then you are warmly invited to participate in this event.

The vision for this event is to bring together tango teachers who are passionate about what they do, open minded, and willing to share their knowledge and learn, with other teachers, as equals. 

The focus over the event will be divided between approaches to teaching and dancing. Everyone will have an equal opportunity to present their ideas, methods or techniques and request feedback or advice. There will also be chances to practice and experiment freely.

How will the event be structured?

While it's up to those attending, the following suggestions are made:

5-15 minute slots are taken to present an idea, method or technique for teaching or dancing tango. There is then opportunity for further questions, before the next slot is used by another participant. You can take as many slots as you like, while ensuring everyone gets a fair use of time if they want it. 

Presentations that involve getting other participants to experience through their bodies what you want to share are preferable to simply talking about it, where possible (the 'show, don't tell' principle), accepting that some group discussion can also be useful.

There will be a late lunch break where everyone is invited to bring something to share and a practica at the end of the day where new ideas can be further explored. (Some people may not come with partner's so it would be appreciated if everyone was included regardless, where practice is happening.) 

If you have any other ideas for the structure of the day that might further facilitate learning and fun, please get in touch!

The TTS (Tango Teachers Symposium) is a 'by the community for the community' event. This means that teachers who would like to, can host a TTS. This spreads the organizational load, helps the event evolve and makes it fairer for those who travel to it. So, while each one has a similar structure and aim in helping teachers to develop their knowledge and skills - by sharing it and inspiring each other - there will be some differences according to who hosts the event. For instance there may be a suggested theme or focus, as part of the event. In the future TTS's may even span several days (the first weekend TTS is in November 2012)  

One of the defining elements of a TTS is that everyone taking part works towards creating an atmosphere of respect and open-mindedness to all participants and what they bring. Building this kind of non-judgmental and relaxed atmosphere can also be considered part of the structure of a TTS, which holds it together and helps it to be an enjoyable and worthwhile experience for everyone.

Where and when? 

See above for list of event dates. The next one is on Saturday/Sunday 24/25th November, London. Carry on to the further info page for venue details, outline schedule and other specifics.

Are you good enough?

It's expected that those attending will have different levels of experience, and strengths or insights in different areas of their dancing and teaching. Even if you've not been teaching long, and you feel you have a mountain of things left to learn, if you nevertheless think that there's something in your teaching or dancing that other teachers might enjoy learning, then please consider coming to this event! It could be something as simple as a way of introducing a common concept to students that works really well in your classes, or a step that you love dancing but don't see many other dancers do. Ideas don't need to be 'original', just ones you think are worth sharing with other teachers.

Are you too good?

Maybe everyone else there will be less skilled and less experienced? Maybe. But even if you're already earning a good living from your teaching, others with less success or experience may sometimes still have ideas which inspire you. If you like the idea of this event and are willing to come with a spirit of generosity and open-mindedness, then you have a good chance of having fun, contributing to others who share your passion, and hopefully learning something worthwhile too. You may also benefit materially.

Register your interest in attending, get the outline schedule for the day, and read some questions offered as a guide to preparing a contribution, plus other important details..

For more discussion on the rationale for attending the event for professional teachers see this blog post: