Choreography Group 2015

Would you like to be a part of a tango choreography?

Starting on 20th August 2015, this is an opportunity to help create, refine and perform a piece of dance that will expand your understanding and love of tango.

The vision for this project is to bring together tango dancers with a range of skill and experience to form a collaboration which will be fun and challenging for everyone, and which culminates in a short, cohesive dance work, ready to perform.

Previous experience with performance or choreography is not required, only enthusiasm and a commitment to attend the practice sessions each week with the rest of the group.

There will be two phases to the project. In the initial phase we’ll explore music, movements and sequences, and then how the movements of each couple or individual can work well together with the chosen music to form a cohesive group choreography. Here there will be opportunity to collaborate and to contribute creatively to the development of the choreography. The second phase will be focused on practising and refining the choreography we've developed and bringing it to a point where it feels complete and ready to perform.

The whole project will take place over 8 weeks, with 2 practice sessions each week of 90 minutes each, plus a performance at the end.

If you’d like to do this please message now, and check that you can make the practice times below.

The cost:
    £96 for each person, which will cover hall hire for 16 sessions and the performance.

Your place needs to be pre-paid. Please use the button below to make the payment, or pay in class before the first session. Places are limited to 10 maximum, on a first come basis.

Practice times:

    The venue is the Friends Meeting House, Southampton, unless otherwise indicated below.


20th, 8:30-10pm Thur First session!

23th, 4:30-6pm Sun

27th,   8:30-10pm Thur

30th, 4:30-6pm Sun

(31st Mon catch up session, 8-:9:30, venue TBC)


3rd,   8:30-10pm Thur

6th,         4:30-6pm Sun

10th,   8:30-10pm Thur

13th, 4:30-6pm Sun

15th, break - no session

20th, break - no session

22nd, 8:30-10pm Tue

( 24th Thurs catch up session, 8-10pm, venue TBC)
27th, 4:30-6pm Sun

29th, 8:30-10pm Tue


4th,         11-1pm Sun (2 hour session) Excile Gym, top of Shirley Rd

6th,         9-10pm Tue (1 hour) Excile Gym, top of Shirley Rd

11th, 4:30-6pm Sun

13th, 8:30-10pm Tue
18th, 4:30-6pm Sun

20th                                8:15 - 9:45pm Tue 
                                            (extra session, Spirit Health Club, Titchfield)

___Performance dates___

24th Oct    6:30-8:30pm Sat  (1 hour video, 50 min class, performance)

25th Oct    3pm -3:45pm  weather depending, meet in Town Square to perform

For those who cannot avoid missing a session due to prior, important commitments, there are two potential catch up sessions. These can also be attended by the rest of the group for extra practice. All extra/catch up sessions are £5 each.

I look forward to seeing everyone on the introductory session on Thursday!

Any questions before then, get in touch.