Weekend Course in Argentine Tango for Complete Beginners

Learn tango, a passionate, elegant and creative dance like no other. Argentine tango is the ultimate partner dance.

Argentine tango dancing
       On the weekend beginner courses you will:
  • Have fun and meet new people
  • Improve your balance, coordination and general well-being
  • Learn a new skill that you can grow and enjoy for many years
  • Learn how to move with connection to the music and a partner
  • Forget your stresses and let the music take over

Friendly, expert tuition
. Complete beginners welcome. You don't need to come with a partner, and there's no need to remember lots of steps. Two left feet? No problem, many people start off feeling the same way, to find they get the knack soon.
Satisfaction guaranteed!

This course is now run on an ad-hoc basis for small groups. If you have a group of friends or colleagues who'd like to learn the basics of Argentine Tango over a weekend, get in touch to arrange a date.

Some comments from people who have been on the beginner tango course in Southampton:
"Having never tried Tango before I was understandably nervous about what to expect, not having a partner and generally making a fool of myself on the dance floor. As soon as I walked into the class for the first time my mind was set at rest with Joes friendly and approachable nature. In just five weeks I feel I have learnt so much not only about the dance but myself also. Will definitely be back for more. Just one down side - it's addictive, so beware! :-)" -- Joanne H. Southampton

"An excellent learning experience that has encouraged us to want to continue practising to become more able and confident tango dancers. Would strongly recommend the 5 week beginner course at Tango Lingua to anyone interested in learning a new dancing skill. The course is well taught and easy to follow." -- Alex and Chris. Southampton

Read more about the great time others have had on the beginner tango course here:

Maybe you've tried something like Salsa dancing, Jive or Ballroom and found it wasn't for you?
If you're looking for the ultimate partner dance in terms of connection, passion, depth and creativity, then don't miss the chance to try Argentine tango!

For lessons, please wear comfortable clothing you can move easily in and non-marking shoes which you can easily pivot on (suede, leather or plastic soles are a good bet).

If you're thinking 'hmm tango » slick hair, starched collars and competitions' then you're probably thinking of Ballroom tango. This is the modern form of Argentine tango, a completely different kettle of fish. Forget what you've seen on TV, this is the real thing. Dance for hours that feel like only moments, and then be left with a warm smile that lasts for hours more - that's tango!

To find out more about what Tango Lingua can offer you, send us a message on the contact page or call 07708882901.

* full refund given if you're not totally happy with the course, minus hall costs of £10 per session.