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Why Men Learn Tango

argentine tango dancing
Let's assume that you're curious about learning the wonderful dance of tango. What separates those men who decide to go ahead and learn, from those who don't?

I suggest that to a large extent it comes down to bravery. In a recent blog (the bravery of men and women who dance tango) I go into a lot more detail, but essentially there are often a good few fears involved in learning to dance, especially with another person, for men. Sometimes these can override the many benefits of dancing tango.

Some of these fears are culturally related - maybe it doesn't seem like such a manly thing to do, in your peer group? Some of them are performance and rejection related - what if you don't cut the mustard, and women don't enjoy dancing with you? It can be a hard thing for some men to publicly display a lack of competence when they start learning a new skill. And some of these fears arise from a general lack of confidence.

I don't mean to say that men who think about learning tango and then decide not to are wimping out, just that often fears are involved in that decision and that not everyone is ready to face them. In truth, Argentine tango really isn't that tough, or by any means perilous to learn. If you can manage walking, you'll be able to manage tango. It merely requires a bit of patience and regular practice, and if you think of it like learning a new language or a musical instrument then you'll be on the right track.

So what spurs on the brave and patient men amongst us to learn tango? What rewards can be expected? I think most of us know the answers if we take a moment to ponder. However neglected it may be, I believe there is a dancer in all of us. Dancing is a basic human expression of creativity and emotion. Dancing with another person is an opportunity to connect, play and develop a mutual understanding - all of which are fundamentally human things to do, and lead to tango being such a worthwhile and fun activity.

There is really no other dance that I know of which offers the potential for playful and sensual connection, musical expression and fun that tango does. Neither do I know of any other dance where just walking with someone in the embrace can feel and look so good. It's a dance that just keeps giving.

Of course, a knock-on benefit of learning a dance skill like tango, is that you get to meet other creative and passionate people. Naturally, developing confidence and competence in dancing - and especially tango - gives you major sex appeal, since it demonstrates vitality, playfulness, creativity, intelligence and good physical communication skills. So make sure you don't mind getting a little more attention from women before you start tango.

Those are some of the obvious benefits, but men who dance tango regularly will often notice a higher level of overall contentment and energy, since doing things that meet your needs for connection, play and creativity will naturally improve your well-being. Those who start with low confidence will find that it improves, just as those that start with two left feet will find the right one with a little practice (that's really all it takes).

If after reading this you think you have what it takes to learn tango (a bit of patience, a modicum of bravery and an enjoyment of learning) check out the Tango Lingua group classes or try a one-to-one lesson. You'll get friendly, expert tuition, and you don't need a partner to start.