A Language of Movement and Connection

Available for private and group tango lessons in Southampton.

Group classes on: Tuesdays
8:00 - 9:30pm @ TLC,
Wednesdays 8.30-10pm on the Isle of Wight

*** Rated in the best 3 dance schools
in Southampton from 2016! ***

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NEXT WORKSHOP  - Leading ladies & following fellas. Southampton, 18th May 2019

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Want to learn but no partner? 
No worries, read this!

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Tango can be many things, a dance, an art form, a social activity, a way of connecting in the flow of the present moment.

In simple terms it is a dance between two people, in which music and feelings can be shared. Known for its sensuality, tango can express many emotions, such as joy, sadness, playfulness, tenderness and passion. It is also a dance that provides many open roads for the creative spirit that lies within us all.

For anyone who decides to try it, tango presents a lot of opportunities for fun and learning. 

The idea behind Tango Lingua is to share tango in a way that helps you discover its true riches. Forget what you've seen on TV, this is the real thing. Dance for hours that feel like only moments, and then be left with a warm smile that lasts for hours more - that's tango!

Currently based in Southampton, UK, Tango Lingua offers a range of tango (think Argentine tango, not Ballroom) dance lessons, for individuals, couples, special events and workshops, from complete beginner to advanced dancers. Teaching is focused on helping you discover your own dance and building on strong foundations while having fun. 

Classes are friendly and relaxed. If you've never tried it before don't worry, there's no need to remember lots of steps and two left feet are what most people start with. You don't even need to come with a partner. If you have a will to learn and a little perseverance you can learn tango.

Learn tango - express yourself,
 have fun and get creative.